“With over 30 years in marketing and advertising and having worked with numerous award-winning photographers over that time, I can say with confidence that Stan’s work represents quality. Stan recently produced some images of our property for sale in the Lake Tenkiller/Woodhaven area and the finished product was outstanding. He has a keen eye for composition, detail, and the necessary equipment to capture an image that ordinary pocket or phone cameras just can’t replicate. Also, as neighbors I have known Stan to be an honest, hardworking man of integrity. Whether for personal use, a family event or to satisfy a commercial need, I highly recommend Stan Weed for any type of photography need you may have.”

Randy Cox
Branding + Marketing

“Thanks so much for sharing these photos – and making them happen…. We think they are beautiful images and because they caused us heart pangs, we trust that others (prospective buyers) will feel “stirrings” as well….. We’ll be eager to see the video Stan creates… :)”

“Feel free to use our comments as a testament to your wonderful work…. That you care about your photography – and our reaction to it – is a source of soothing comfort and solace to us as we go through this process of turning Two Pines over.”

Bill & Julie Krywicki

What I can tell you about Stan Weed, first and foremost, is that he is the real deal. His life story is testament to what it means to take risks, be honest, stay curious, be responsible, keep commitments, blaze new trails, achieve goals, learn continuously, express creatively, lead subtly, love deeply, and build honorable character through consistently giving his best effort to anything he undertakes.

Stan has many talents, all impressive, which he shares to our enjoyment and benefit, be it his photography, imagery editing, programming, ability with computers and the web, or his wonderful way of coining a phrase or writing a sentence. His happy grin and attitude, frosted with his G-rated humor and can-do spirit, never fails to bring a smile to my face because they always connect somehow with that curious kid still inside of me who is looking for a new adventure or approach. Stan makes me say, “I hadn’t thought of it like that before! Yeah! Let’s try that! Why not?”

I initially met Stan through the stories and eyes of his younger brother, so I can’t address or evaluate his employee performance (though I do know punctuality is a habit ingrained by his upbringing). I’ve never been his supervisor. He doesn’t need one. Stan is a person who defines and supervises himself better than anyone else ever could. As I’ve grown to know him personally, I’ve learned, and continuously affirm, that he is a genuine find: unique, talented, and worth collaborating with for many reasons, most listed in the second sentence of my first paragraph.

I have seen Stan treat all people and projects with the kind of due diligence and respect they require and deserve. He is evaluative and generally spot-on when it comes to finding and recommending successful solutions. He commits himself to providing and producing whatever outcome or deliverable a person, business, or project needs to be successful. You can rely on Stan to always put his best efforts into everything he does – and to do so with honesty, integrity, talent, and a good humor. Stan Weed is someone you want on your team.

Laurie Wilson, GS, COR
United States Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

I’ve known Stan for a long time. Whether he’s with his family, doing a photo shoot, helping me build a computer, or taking a guitar lesson, I’ve never stopped being amazed at his balance between wisdom an seasoning on one end, with wonder and humor on the other. Always on task AND always having fun. I hope to some day learn how he does it.

Jason Cadamy
Guitar Instructor

Stan set my old, dinosaur computer up to go wireless. He went above and beyond to make sure everything worked and that I was able to understand how to operate it. I can’t explain how much better my computer experiences are now that I have gone from dial up to high speed. I love my new wireless and it’s all thanks to Stan the Computer Man!

Lenore Terrapin

I have known Stan the Computer Man for the past twenty years. During that time he has consistently stayed up-to-date with the latest technology, allowing him to help novice and expert alike. His honest, straightforward approach is always a joy. I would recommend him to anyone.

Scott Dannemiller
Senior Consultant
Executive Development Associates, Inc.

I called Stan for assistance with my laptop for several issues. He recommended several solutions for my problems, as well as a great external hard drive to store the massive amount of photos I have as a photographer.

Stan was courteous, quick, had a fast turnaround and very reasonable pricing. He is very knowledgeable not just with computers but websites, photography and editing software as well. I’m extremely happy with his customer service. Stan is now my go-to computer guy!

Thanks Stan! 

Angela Walker

I have known Stan since 2006 when we both started working at Devon Energy. Stan was one of the greatest coworkers. He has great working ethics and views on companies and employees. He is able to adapt to change and learn new technologies as needed. Since Stan has moved to the lake we still keep in touch and bounce ideas off each other regarding computers, technology, photography, boating and other random topics. Stan has become a great friend over the years and one that would love to work with professional if our paths ever crossed again.

Michael (Mike) Brown
Lead Solution Designer
Devon Energy Corporation

Alana Baker
2100 Napa Valley Rd
Edmond, OK 73013
March 2, 2015

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Stan Weed. Stan worked with me in the IT Application Development Department at Devon Energy for Several years. He was an application developer and worked with increasing skill in that capacity for several years.
During Stan’s service, I admired him for his many valuable qualities, and regarded him with evermore respect. Very goal oriented, Stan was always punctual, yet easygoing. He was keenly devoted to his work, but being a real people person, he was also enjoyable to be around.

Stan has demonstrated, for as long as I’ve known him, that he has understood what business is all about. He was well organized. Almost without exception, he put the customer first, feeling as I do that the key to good business is satisfied customers. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as he was, driven by quality.

Stan is available for new challenges only because of his desire to learn and grow further in the IT field. We would have loved to see him stay, but certainly understand his need to advance beyond the positions we had available.

In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Stan Weed for any position pertaining to information technology. I feel confident he would be an asset to your organization.

Alana Baker


I worked with Stan for approximately two years during my tenure at Devon Energy from 2011 to 2013. I worked directly with Stan on several IT-related projects to ensure proper training solutions were provided to our employee workforce of about 5000 personnel. Stan always provided the right solution at the right time. He is keenly intellectual and so incredibly nice to work with.

Stan possesses equal parts intelligence and kindness…a very rare attribute in today’s workforce. I would work for or with him again in a second. If you are considering bringing Stan onboard for a project, small or large, don’t think twice. He is the right man for the job.

Mike Stewart
Senior Manager
Noble Energy, Inc.
Denver, CO

I have known Stan for several years now, since we worked together in Oklahoma City prior to my retirement. Stan is one of those rare individuals who not only exhibits technical excellence, but he sees the beauty in everyday things, and also makes working together fun.

Shortly after I retired, I heard that he had left the big city (OKC) to move, with his wife Diana, to his home on beautiful Lake Tenkiller, in Oklahoma. He wanted to spend his time surrounded by beauty, and it seems that in this new environment he has found a way to thrive doing the things he has always loved to do.

If you have ever seen his photography, you know about the beauty he sees everywhere. If you have visited his Facebook page, you have seen his sense of humor and his sense of justice. If you have seen any of his websites – whether he developed them for himself or for someone else, you have seen his technical excellence.

If you have a need for an effective, well executed website, and don’t have the expertise to do it yourself, talk to Stan! You will never regret it.

Judy Ulrich

I have known Stan Weed for many years and decided to seek his help on building a new website for my store. He is extremely talented, hard working and very easy to work with. My website is awesome and very user friendly. I have also had an increase in business. I would recommend Stan to anyone for any computer needs.

Jan Smith
200 PARK for her
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma